Gold, brass, Bronze necklaces.

Shop my  collection of handcrafted artisan necklaces. All of my necklaces are handcrafted by myself. My pieces are made with semi precious stones, gemstones, gold, bronze,brass. copper, sterling silver and plated metals. Leather, hemp, suede and silk. Ceramic beads and pendants, porcelain beads,  Glass, Lampwork, African Trade beads, beads from Indonesia,Tibet, and Nepal. I love working with a wide range of beads from around the world and in various design and color.

 Most of my necklaces are a indie Bohemian flair and all designed to create a statement!  If you don't see exactly what you want, I can create a pair of custom earrings for you. Check out my blogFacebook or on Twitter for inspiring jewelry designs and news about with my latest creations, publications and events. Enjoy shopping!